Saint George Orthodox Christian Church
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese
1505 Avenue G Kearney, Nebraska
Iconography Installation

In early February of 2015, after three years of preparation, Dmitry Shkolnik and his assistant Aleko Mchedlishvili spent a week-and-a-half in Kearney to install the first phase of our iconography project. Take a look at NTV's "Made in Nebraska" television segment, scroll through the photo galleries, and watch the installation videos to see how this wonderful project unfolded day by day!

NTV's "Made in Nebraska" television segment our Iconography project.

Day 1 of the installation - 02/04/2015

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Day 2 of the installation - 02/05/2015

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Day 3 of the installation - 02/06/2015

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Day 4 of the installation - 02/07/2015

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Day 5 of the installation - 02/08/2015

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Day 6 of the installation - 02/09/2015

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Day 7 of the installation - 02/12/2015

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Day 8 of the installation - 02/10/2015

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Day 9 of the installation - 02/11/2015

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Day 10 of the installation - 02/13/2015

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Feasts and Prophets

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Installation videos

Many hands makes light work! This series of videos shows how the large festal icons were installed on the ceiling. First, adhesive was trowled onto the area where each icon was to be mounted. Then, Dmitry and Aleko–assisted by their favorite helpers from the parish, Mike and Darlene–unrolled the large canvases. After positioning and re-positioning the icons, the canvases were finally pressed smooth by hand and with a roller. Within three days, all sixteen of the large festal icons were mounted.



Donate Online

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St. George Iconography Project Video

We are beginning a long-term project to beautify the interior of St. George with holy icons! This 25 minute video - in two parts - introduces this iconography project. It also has wonderful interviews with several parishioners sharing their excitement and hopes for what this will mean for our parish.

The Iconography Plan

This 14 minute video details some of the specifics of our upcoming Iconography Project. Please take a look!

More Examples of Dmitry's Iconography

Dmitry's Iconography - 04/27/2012

Some images showing the work of Dmitry Shkolnik, the iconography who will be leading our long-term iconography project. To learn more about Dmitry and see more of his work, click here to visit his website.

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Dmitry\'s Bio

This 6 minute video is a brief introduction and biography of our iconographer, Dmitry Shkolnick.